Hey, I'm Kelly. It's great to meet you.

My guess that if you are here you are in the process of and/or already have started a new bookkeeping business.  

Maybe you’re working on the side to build your client base to the point you can quit your day job. Or perhaps you’re already there & trying to grow to increase your revenue.  Whatever the reason, the Quick Start Email Series can help you move forward.

This information will not only make you more profitable by having systems in place that save you time and money, but also by keeping you sane as you try to keep all the balls in the air which is so typical of a new business owner.

I totally understand where you are at!

Kelly Christian owner of BKQS at happy hour

Kelly Christian Delegating

What does your version of Freedom look like?
Want the feeling of sand between your toes... and money in the bank?
How about the time and freedom to enjoy both?

We help bookkeepers and accountants implement our simple automated processes in their online bookkeeping  business.

I started my bookkeeping business in a very small seasonal vacation town and rapidly exhausted the local client base. More importantly, I was a recent “empty nester” and had an idealistic desire to make my business location-independent.

I found once I hit that 10+ client mark I started having a hard time keeping up with all the tasks for my clients with multiple GST, PST, Payroll, tax instalments and remittances. I tried many types of tracking; paper, spreadsheet, one year of quite a big and expensive client management system and more trials of CRM’s and project management systems than I care to tell.

The answer lay in letting go of more control and working with a virtual assistant to develop a
comprehensive Workflow/Template in Asana that we still use every day to run our bookkeeping business.

The next step was to go completely online and developed bookkeeping business templates and systems that helped me automate my business, delegate repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant and lighten my workload. These templates allow me the flexibility to operate from all the places I want to be whether it’s down the road on the beach with my dog, or across the globe on a tropical coastline watching my husband fish for dinner.

I want to share all of this with you so your Bookkeeping Business can leap right to the success part of Your Story.


Bookkeepers Quick Start Ultimate Guide to creating a workflow.

Over the past years, we have continued to refine and update the process, adding a new client on boarding process, a testimonial process and more.  I can’t say enough how having this template, and in turn, the systems we created around these templates, have changed my world.  

There is no way I could have grown the way I have over the past years without this in place.  I have a hard enough time remembering all of my own to do’s and due dates that there was no way I could manage it for 35+ clients as well.

There are many options out there but I am going to talk about using Asana for how I run my business and what has worked for me.  I encourage you to use some of the resources I’ve listed and do your own research and learning to find a system that works for you.  

When I was starting out I wish that there had been a resource like this for me. Somewhere that I could see what other people were using to be successful instead of starting from scratch.  It took sooo much time and energy that could have been more profitably spent in marketing efforts. I needed to have a solid base before I went forward so I could sleep at night and not drown in stress and worry.

Other than moving to Asana to manage my business and clients there were many other pieces to the puzzle that I found made a huge difference in the way I ran my business.

I want to share all of this with you so that your business can leap right to the success part of your story which is why I created the Quick Start Email Series and  Bookkeepers Quick Start.

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