holiday during tax season is possible. Systems are the answers

A holiday during Tax Season? For real!

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And no I haven’t closed my business or stopped doing taxes.


I have to say that I truly did not even think about the timing. I booked the flight because it was an amazing deal and, even more amazingly, there were dates during Spring Break. This meant we would be able to bring our 17 yr old son on one last family trip!

It wasn’t until much later the next day that I realized what I had done.

We are booked to go from March 19 – April 6. Deep in the middle of tax season.


My first reaction was a small moment of panic, which surprisingly quickly turned to acceptance. The internal dialogue went something like this…

“This was what I’ve been working towards the past few years right?

The ability to have more time freedom but still maintain my business and income. I have created the systems and put the processes in place that should allow me to make this a reality.

Well, no time like the present to test them out. And besides family is my #1 priority.”

Sound familiar?
Here’s the link so you can check out my systems and get started today!

The next day I did a short brainstorming session of ways I could fine tune my tax intake and daily workflow processes. 
I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t have to work 24/7 for weeks before and after to be able to make this all come together.

ow is the list of Tax Time Sanity Tips that I came up with from my brainstorming:


1. Stop having people come by to drop off paperwork unless they are a new client and even then if they are tech-friendly then they can follow the new intake process. I sent an email to all my current clients in early January to share the change in the process so they are aware and not be caught unaware.

2. Book signing and pickups for 2 days per week onlySet aside these days just for this work along with reviewing and packaging returns for pickup. No more appointments spread all through my work week.

3. Book all March return pickups for the week prior to my tripApril pickup weeks will be mid-month and then in the last week.

4. Only keep and take on tax clients that I enjoy.

There are a few that I will be happy to move along to a provider who is better suited to their needs.

5. Set up my fax machine to receive and save docs as PDF to my computer instead of the paper printouts. The PDF’s will feed directly to a folder where it is recognized by my tax software and uploaded. Several steps saved here. I can’t believe I haven’t set this up yet!

6. Set hard deadlines for tax clients to meet the tax due dates. If they do not have their info to me by April 20th there are no guarantees that it will be completed on time.

7. Do not sacrifice self-care and routines during tax season. The self-care is non-negotiable.

After putting these pieces in place and tuning up my current workflows and processes to reflect the compressed time frame, I am expecting to get through tax season in better shape than ever before and maybe even enjoy it this year!

I’d love to hear your ideas or suggestions that I can add to this list to make it a better resource for all of us.

First Posted Spring 2015

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