How to Manage and Organize Your Bookkeeping Practice

Is this you?

You just started your bookkeeping business and you feel like you’re flying blind and things are slipping through the cracks.

You want a step by step process to use to work with your clients recurring tasks. Something organized & EASY so you don’t have to worry about any steps being missed and taking hours to track.

Maybe you’re a growing business and haven’t put any systems in place yet.  You have lists and stacks of paper, you have sticky notes on files or maybe you are using an excel spreadsheet.

You’ve never had a step by step system that you use to manage your clients. 

You don’t sleep at night worrying that you’re going to miss the deadline or that your client is not going to get the service that you’ve promised.

Maybe you have your first employee or are growing your team and you’re looking to grow? You know the only way to do this is by assigning tasks and be able to track what your team is doing and starting from scratch feels so overwhelming!


I feel your pain! I’ve been there and made it through the other side

I was in the third phase of starting and growing my team when I finally decided on Asana as my project management software, although I’ve been stuck at every other level as well.

I had tried two or three other project management software platforms and none of them were right. Some were too cumbersome, some not detailed enough and most were too expensive for my early cash flow.


Why I decided on Asana to run my growing Bookkeeping Business

I searched, tested and wasted a huge amount of time in my quest for the right one until I finally settled on Asana. It was simple, easy to learn and use, totally customizable and it’s free.

You can have multiple users, multiple products, multiple clients and the ability to create templates and recurring tasks. The only cost is your time to set up your systems and templates.

When you set up a template for a workflow for one client and save it as a template then every time you get a new client you just copy that template and you are ready to go. No need to recreate everything with each new client.


I won’t lie and say that setting up my client templates was a fast process

I will say that it is totally worth it though. I knew that I needed help and when I was looking then there wasn’t anyone offering this type of pre-done service so I worked with a systems specialist to create my own with the help of my assistant.

I found that once I created my base templates it was EASY to add, tweak and customize the templates closer and closer to perfection.

Every step is covered, staff and I know where we’re at. Everyone knows what task to do. Across the board, it’s just EASY. There are many others out there but I knew I had to make a choice and Asana is the one for me.

You can check out a video here that I create to walk you through how I use Asana in my business every day.

If you’re wanting to save yourself the hours and months of prepping step by step and creating those base templates up you can check out our DONE FOR YOU Bookkeeping Workflows and Template in our BKQS online shop


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