4. Client Onboarding Template


Tell me, does this sound familiar?

“YESSSS new client!  Cha-ching!  Ooo, maybe I can finally order what’s been sitting in my Amazon cart the last week…”

Quickly followed by..

“Ugh.  Still have to onboard them.”

Because you know what it’s like.

The messages.   The back-and-forth.

Trying to pick through an email chain trying to track down something important said 7 emails ago.


Even if you have a VA do it, you can’t get away from the fact there’s a LOT of work that goes into setting up a new client.  (And having staff look after it adds up in labor costs – fast.)

Now picture this…

Having a simple system which for onboarding clients.  

Add their info, start the workflow and watch everything come together.  Then your virtual assistant has everything they need to get the client up and running in your system.

The Client Onboarding Template saves at LEAST 4 hours of onboarding tasks per client, when you add up all the time you spend going back-and-forth and collecting data.

Need to see what it looks like before you buy? Here’s the video overview.


Simple setup

We use 17 Hats for Client Onboarding.  

Have another favorite project management system?  Absolutely! You also get a Google Doc that includes all steps and descriptions so you can use it in your favorite system (Asana, Dubsado, etc).

You also get a video walkthrough of the Onboarding Detailed Install & Implementation Video so you know exactly what to do

Rather have us set it up for you?  We’ll install it in your 17 Hats for a small fee, click here or choose to add it at checkout.

You get…

  • Your time back.  An extra 4 hours for each new client!
  • Lower admin costs since you can reduce hours
  • Email “swipe” files of ALL the emails you need for the workflow.  Easily customizable to your specific business (over 10 pre-written emails!)
  • Email “swipe” files which include every email you’d need to send to your clients – including information about sales taxes, logins, authorizations, and more
  • Emails you can send your clients which show exactly how to set up Xero and Hubdoc.  Easily customizable to your favorite software

Get the Client Onboarding Template!


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