1. Client Workflow Template (USA + CAD)


Make your day-to-day tasks a dream instead of a drain

 In just 2 days from now, you could have all those niggling tasks you’ve been tracking on a spreadsheet (or in a notebook, or in your head…) simplified into one easy process.

 How good will it feel to know that every item on your client “to-do” list is done on time, and is handled by the right person?

 Welcome to Client Workflow Nirvana.

 You’re about to get a ton of time back

Me?  I’ve calculated that I save 1 entire day each week using these templates.    

 The real question is, what are you going to do with it?

Spend time with your family?

Indulge guiltlessly in your favorite Netflix show?


Or my favorite – go to the beach?

Need to see what it looks like before you buy? Here’s the video overview.

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With the Client Workflow Template, you’ll…

  • Save an enormous amount of time when it comes to time tracking
  • Set up a “rinse and repeat” system for recurring tasks (so you never have to recreate them again!)
  • Never have to worry about missing a deadline again
  • Save the BIG bucks in late fees you’d have to pay for missing client deadlines
  • Confidently take on more clients knowing you’ve got what it takes to keep up with deadlines and tasks
  • Have more time to spend on generating leads instead of babysitting staff & tasks

The Client Workflow template…

  • Comes in either the Canadian and US version
  • Has a basic tax workflow as part of the template
  • Is totally customizable to your needs
  • Covers all day-to-day tasks that are involved in a cloud-based workflow
  • Includes all monthly, quarterly & yearly task items (ie. T4/1099 prep, Worksafe, payroll remittances etc)

Hassle-free set up

You get detailed video training which walks you through how to set up the Templates, how to customize it – and how we use the workflow in our day-to-day business!

The Client Workflow Template is native to Asana and can be modified to work with any cloud-based project management system (like Trello, Basecamp, 17 Hats, etc).

If you’re using Asana it’s super easy to get started – it will be loaded directly into your workspace!  If you use another project management system, you also get access to the Google Doc version of the templates so you can use it wherever you like.

Prefer paper?  No sweat!  It can be altered to support a paper-based workflow.

So if you’re ready to…

Sleep better at night knowing you’ll never miss a deadline again…

Spend more time on what enjoy doing, instead of babysitting and taking care of the “little things”…

Make more money knowing you can easily handle more clients…

You’re ready for the Client Workflow Template!

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