3. Lead Workflow Template


Leads on autopilot

Wouldn’t it be great to have 80% of your work done for you?

With the Bookkeeping Lead Workflow Template for new bookkeeping and tax clients, you’ll set up the system once and it will run auto-magically.

Because let’s be honest…

Not handling a lead well costs you.  BIG time.

On top of that, you might have contractor or employee helping you with leads who costs hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars a month – and 80% of it could be done on autopilot.

With the Lead Workflow Template, you’ll rest easy knowing all your leads are handled with care so they’re more likely to become customers – and you’re saving admin fees.


Need to see what it looks like before you buy? Here’s the video overview.


Set and forget

We can set it up for you in just a couple days, or do it yourself.  

Once it’s running all you need to do is the call or meeting with the client, and finalize the proposal.  Now doesn’t that sounds like a relief?!

It depends on your volume of leads, but it takes my virtual administrative assistant an hour a week to have everything running like clockwork.

Simple setup

We use 17 Hats for our Lead Workflow.  

Have another favorite project management system?  Easy! You also get a Google Doc that includes all steps and descriptions so you can use it in your favorite system (Asana, Dubsado, etc).

You also get a video walkthrough with downloadable copies of the Lead Overview Video and the Lead Workflow Detailed Install & Implementation Video so you know exactly what to do

You get…

  • Bigger profits because those leads turn into customers!
  • Email “swipe” files of ALL the emails you need for the workflow.  Easily customizable to your specific business (over 10 pre-written emails!)
  • Sample copies of Contracts and Proposals used in the Lead Workflow for you to customize (including a Lead Pre-Meeting Questionnaire, Standard NDA, Client Contract, and Basic Service Proposal)

Are you ready for more leads, more money, and lower admin costs?

Get the Lead Workflow Template!


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