I just bought your Asana product as I am refining my “excel” system to be totally online….finally.
Even though I am no longer a bookkeeper it is wonderful thank you. 

Side note: When I was running my bookkeeping practice I used The Pure Bookkeeping system which is just a prettier version of your BP Manual. It costs $13,995 to buy with annual renewal fees.
Over 500 practices own that in Australia…………

​Lauren June, Business Development Strategist, Lauren June


Thanks sooooo much…

Your template ROCKS!!! I have slowly started adding a project for each of my clients and I’m getting more comfortable each day with Asana. Which is why I’m trying to figure out how it could help with tax season.  

I appreciate you so much for sharing the video with me. I’m going to go watch it now.

​​Nayo Carter-Gray, ​Certified Public Accountant, Ist Step Accounting


​I am absolutely blown away by this!

You have taken everything I have been struggling with and put it all in one place. It had never occurred to me to use Asana to communicate with my clients although I use it to communicate with my team. And it had never occurred to me to put all of the supporting info such as names, telephone numbers, etc in there as well.

I am definitely going to try this system of yours.

​Lauri Paxton, ​​President/Bookkeeper/Tax Preparer, Paxton Bookkeeping


It’s been a couple of days since you got me up and running – I have gone back to your video’s a couple of times and always learn something new! I’ve expanded my templates – thanks to you – and although I may have been crazy to start this during January (payroll, quarterlies, W-2’s, 1099’s… etc), I’m still setting up, using and loving! Thank you!

What an eye-opener to go through each company and realize just exactly what I did for each but also to get it off my many excel worksheets to one place. It was only 1 excel workbook, but I am embarrassed to say I was using 7 worksheets in an attempt to keep everything straight, sign-in info, etc.

I’m loving having everything in one place, with alert dates in 1 place!
I’ll have more time to grow and not have to worry about missing anything. Thank you!

​Mary Passino, ​​​Owner, Small Business Aide


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