Asana workflows and templates for your Bookkeeping Business

Top 3 Reasons to Use Asana for Bookkeepers and Accountants

Working in teams, even remotely, has never been simpler than it is today.  My bookkeeping practice has been successful growing from a small local business to an online business serving all of North America. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that have made this happen including the powerful and customizable project management platform, Asana.  

This robust program allows me to continue to be effective with my team from sunny Mexico or rural British Columbia, Canada. In fact, last winter, I spent much of the season in Mexico while continuing to effectively work and communicate with my clients and subcontractors.  

Asana has so much to offer and diving into all of it in this one post would be overwhelming.  Instead, I’ll build out the ways it can support your business into a three or four part series, starting with this one; what it has to offer.  I will show you how it may suit your small business in being efficient and effective across your entire team. Here’s my top three reasons this platform is worth a serious look.

Asana is Free!

Although there is an upgraded version which unlocks additional features such as measurables for task progress, the free version is amazing on its own.  If you function well with lists, the free version is likely to work great for you.

For a particular project, in the past, KC & Company did purchase the upgraded version.  Although not needed on a day to day basis, I can see how it could be invaluable to some businesses as it is further customizable with task triggers. This means that Asana can trigger a subsequent action upon completing specific tasks. Imagine the efficiency and automation this could provide.  
Time saved! Money saved!

Last time I looked, the upgraded version was a small investment of $7 per month. Well worth the cost if your business requires and benefits from automation. 

Asana is Flexible

Asana isn’t just a tool for businesses, it is just as amazing and wonderful for home or personal projects as well.

Managing levels such as subtasks takes the platform to a whole other level of organization which will further improve workflow. You can assign different due dates to each subtask and attach any files that may be relevant.

Asana is Shareable With Team Members

Team members are able to access assigned boards at any time to check on progress, communicate with other members all in one spot.  Doing so reduces, if not eliminates, the need for email which is yet another platform to check, respond and monitor. This makes workflow much more efficient.  

Team members can be brought in or removed at any time, as needed. Team members may also be assigned tasks with due dates, and even recurring due dates.  No longer do you need to remember whether a task is recurring! Once checked complete, the task appears with the relevant due date already pre-populated. This function has saved my business life more than once!

Asana Further Simplified with My Template

Now that I have been using Asana for a bit,  I have developed a slick Client Workflow Template that can be purchased for use in Asana.  Because the template is optimized, it can be used in comparable software programs as well.  Even better, there are Xero and QBO specific templates and then USA and Canadian versions of each of those.

Take a look at it here and see if it may be useful for you. If you decide you like Asana but do not want to start from scratch, the template is for you.  Who doesn't want to speed up their workflow and improve efficiency?

Give this one some thought about your current workflow? What do you like? What don’t you like? How have you customized it for your business? I’d love to hear your questions or requests for more details you would like me to share.  

Feel free to comment below or send me an email. If you have anything in particular that you are interested in doing or learning, I’ll be posting more in this series on Asana. Sign up for emails here to be notified. 

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